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No large capital expense, just rent month by month!
Advantages Include
To buy new software outright can be costly and requires substantial capital. Renting the platform enables businesses to preserve precious cash reserves.
The smaller, regular payments required by a rental agreement enable businesses with limited capital to manage their cash flow more effectively and adapt quickly to changing economic conditions.
By using our rental option you gain by having constant product support which means that to upgrade to more modules or adding features is a simple an cost effective process without having to make large capital outlays.
After the first 6 months its PAYG, no lock in or contract. This is only because we are so confident in our product.
It gives businesses certainty because the monthly payments are fixed for 12 months.
However, they can also be structured to include additional benefits such as servicing of other onsite 3rd party equipment.
It is easy to access because it is not secured on other personal or business assets.