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Integrating 365-BizFlo into your existing Accounting Software

365-IT Solutions is a Professional Development Partner with the Uk's most popular business accounting software package. 365 IT Solutions has developed a number of interface links that transfer financial transactions from the operations side of the business in 365-BizFlo to a range of accounting software products.

A number of 365-IT Solutions clients use Ostendo as stand alone software for their business operations. Some choose to manually enter a few financial journals into their accounting software at the end of each month, while others use 365-BizFlo purely for operations related activities like job costing, scheduling asset service work, warranty tracking, manufacturing, job scheduling, etc.

365-BizFlo also provides the facilities to export data in formats that can be read by most other software
Examples Include:
  • All Tables can be exported in either CSV or Excel format.
  • All List screens, which can be modified to contain a range of fields, can be exported in ‘XLS’, ‘HTML’, ‘XML’ or ‘CSV’ format.
  • Custom Scripts can be created to perform a range of user-defined tasks.
  • 365-BizFlo has a large number of Reports which can be saved in a selection of formats.
  • All Charts, Analysis and Pivot Tables can be converted into files of various formats.