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Traditionally companies struggle to maintain their servers and networks and fail to keep pace with software updates and enhancements. Whether your IT is managed by an internal team or it’s outsourced, the level of knowledge, experience and training needed to keep your systems running are extensive and thus expensive. With 365-BizFLo Cloud from 365 IT Solutions you avoid these problems.

"It's everywhere you do business"!

The service is managed by the team that developed and built the technology, so you are safe in the knowledge that you’re receiving a level of support that surpasses anything you have experienced before.
Keeping your data secure is our highest priority, so we have designed our architecture to make sure your data is safe at all times.
Highest Availability
With 365-BizFlo you'll benefit from 99.999% service uptime, thanks to the combination of scalable, resilient infrastructure and expert support services. High availability is built in, so you avoid all those financial and skill set limitations you face with on site solutions.
Unlimited clients and freedom to work wherever
The 365 IT Solutions 365-BizFlo service lets you connect an unlimited number of clients wherever they are. Everything is included, so you have the freedom to do whatever you want wherever you want.
Fast, flexible and cost effective.
Once the initial set up is complete all your staff have to do is log on via web clients anywhere in the world on any machine and you they are up and running. This provides unparalleled flexibility, can provide both significant work life advantage for your staff and dramatically reduce your real estate costs. The ability to decentralise your staff also can add significant geo-social cost savings in terms of lower staff costs.