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Every Business has a Call Centre

Every business, even one-man-bands must have an effective call centre operation to succeed. Making sales calls, taking customer enquiries, chasing late bills are in 99% of cases done via telephone are all call centre activites.

Different Styles of Call Centre

Depending on the style of your business, your call centre might be informal or formal, it might be part of your business or it might be the core focus of your business. Whichever it is, it has to be one of the most well managed and effective sections of your business if you are to succeed! 365-BizFlo provides the structure, process, management and reports to enable your call centre to succeed!

Different Types of Call Centre
  • Inbound Call CentresĀ - Some call centres only take inbound calls; these call centres tend to focus on customer service. However, sales can still be an important part of an inbound call centre agent's job.
  • Outbound Call CentresĀ - Some call centres (sometimes called telemarketing centres) make outgoing calls only; these tend to be sales-orientated operations.

Every call centre is either inbound, outbound or in some case a mix of both styles. 365-BizFlo addresses all the needs of both types and ensures that agents are effective, informed and productive.

Specific Business Verticals

365-BizFlo has additional modules specific to particular call centre Outbound and Inbound services such as Appointment Booking, Bureau Services, Service Management, Customer Service, Customer complaints handling, Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) and Sales.