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Our Commitment
Cheap Vs Best Value
You are always considering investments for your business, whether it be fixed assets or staff. Do you buy the cheapest? Not if you want to stay in business. When it comes to a system that will define your processes, enforce your processes, measure and report your success and become core to your business – would you buy the cheapest?
We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive but we do believe we can make you the biggest bottom line profit and this is proven with our existing customers.
We are committed to investing in our own staff, facilities and services to ensure that we continue to provide market leading product, service and support. We can only do this if we charge appropriately to enable us to support you for years to come.
Tying Customers In
We don't – after the first 3 months, (where we are refining the platform to your requirements) we rely absolutely on our ongoing performance to make you want to keep us.
We dont' have to – because our product, service and support do what they are supposed to do.
No Upfront Costs
We rent all our services to you, with no upfront cost, you just pay one month at a time.